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Big-and-Bold: Spring 2021 Trends

woman wearing bold blue eyeglasses

Go bold or go home!

The big-and-bold glasses craze is going stronger than ever!  Complete Eye Care Newcastle has already previewed the spring lines and frames are getting even BIGGER and… more ROUND!  Personally, we love the Bold look.

This spring's fashion is resembling the 80's and 90's trends of large, face-covering frames. (Extra protection for COVID-19, anyone?)

What's the biggest overall trend, you ask?

Oversized Frames

Vera Wang is queen of oversized lenses - always one of the first to put a fantastic spin on later years' fashion.


Big and Round 

Like these DNKY wizard-style turtle shell frames.


Thin-Rimmed Frames - an Understated elegance

Thin frames are in - and it's not just for women. We like this style so much, we have two examples! Thin frames are in all over! Maui Jim (top) is a perfect muted color with the style just bold enough for any man. Vera Bradley (bottom) is conquering the natural-bold.



Transparent & Neutral

Kate Spade is typically known for the bold colors and styles, however, this spring 2020 they are moving to a more neutral-bold style. They never disappoint!


Geometric Glam

Tom Ford is known for the fashion-forward statements in clothing and eyewear, and 2021 is no different.



BVLGARI nailed it. Color is IN.


Cat-Eye - For the Drama you were born with

These GUESS cat-eye is bound to bring you the drama you're desperately needing for for quarantine outfit on Zoom. In 2020, the face has to say it all!


Blue Light Reading Glasses


Face shape is huge when deciding what frames are right for you. If you need help deciding your face shape or what frame is right for you, visit Complete Eye Care - Newcastle's optical frame experts to assist you in choosing the most fashion forward frame for your face. For now, here's some standard guidelines.

  • Oval Faces:  Go larger with slightly structured corners to help streamline your face. Try to find a frame that hits right at your eyebrow.

  • Round Cheeks:  Look for styles with lenses shaped more like a square or rectangle rather than a circle.

  • Heart Shaped Faces:  Rock the feline!  The cat-eye is very feminine and flirty.

Color is a secondary factor, but very important to keep in mind as this season rolls out brighter and bolder colors.

  • Warm Skin Tones
    • Warm colors: Oranges, reds, golden yellow, amber, and honey gold.
    • Cool Colors: Warmer greens and blues such as olive, deeper turquoise, green moss, fern, pesto, and red-purples (think: magenta and orchid shades).
    • Neutral: Taupe, hot chocolate, creamy whites, winter wheat, and latte.
    • Avoid: Icy and Jewel tones
  • Cool Skin Tones
    • Warm Colors: Bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, deep purples, lavender, and lilac.
    • Cool Colors:  Shocking pink (in place of hot pink), cerise, ruby, and bright rose.
    • Neutral: Gray, navy, and white.
    • Avoid: Oranges and yellows.

Our Newcastle / Tri-City area patients can easily find a shape or color that fits them. Check out our cat-eye’s in COACH, Ovals in Oakley, and Hearts in Armani. Ask one of our expert opticians at Complete Eye Care Newcastle to help you find your perfect pair!

Tri City patients don't need to make an appointment to shop for glasses. Stop in anytime! Whether they are prescription glasses, sunglasses, or even safety glasses… we’ve got a frame for you!