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Can you stop your child’s nearsighted progression?

boy with contact on fingerMyopia control has long been studied.  Myopia or Nearsightedness means that a person can see relatively well up close, but can’t see much past arms length.

Recent research shows that we can significantly slow or even arrest myopic progression in children.

A new study published last month (November 2013) reveals that nearsighted children who wore multifocal contact lenses had a 50% reduction in their myopic progression.

They also had a 30% reduction in their axial elongation (elongating of the eyeball’s axis).  Elongation of the eye is a major contributor to the progression of nearsightedness.

This is exciting news.  Instead of watching the child’s vision get worse year by year, we now have 3 different tools to help your child:

1)  Corneal Refractive Therapy:  These corneal reshaping contacts gently reshape the surface of the eyes overnight while the patient sleeps.  In the morning, the patient takes the lenses off and can see perfectly 20/20 all day without the use of contacts or glasses.  Also, this treatment can completely arrest the progression of myopia in Children.

2)  Multifocal Contact Lenses.  These contacts slow myopia progression for most children by as much as 50%.

3)  Progressive multifocal glasses.

Ask Dr. Bret Furnish or Dr. Jeremy Wiggins about how you can help stop myopic progression in your child’s eyes. Serving the Tri City area around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Located in Newcastle, OK, caring for Tuttle, Mustang, and Blanchard.