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Choosing the Glasses that Compliment YOU!

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The wide selection of glasses offered by Complete Eye Care Downtown may seem a little daunting! Luckily, our expert staff is standing by to help you select the perfect frames for your eyesight, face, and skin tone. Here are a few tips to help.


Choosing your frames might feel like the fun part, but don’t forget about the main purpose of your eyeglasses: to see clearly! Keep in mind that not every frame is suited for every prescription or lens type. Before scouring our wide selection of frames, consult an optician on the best lens options and frame for your vision.

If you have a particularly high prescription, you may want to opt for a plastic frame paired with high-index lenses. Hi-Index lenses are the thinnest option, and the plastic will obscure the remaining portion of the lens.

For bifocals and trifocals, be sure to choose a frame with a longer area for the lens for easier visibility. Additionally, if you have specific needs that require tinted lenses, you may opt for plastic lenses as they are the easiest to dye.

Face Shape

Certain facial shapes will have different complimentary frame shapes. We suggest getting the frames in which you feel most comfortable and help you see. Additionally, it’s helpful to know what brings out your good side.

  • Oval: Oval faces can rock almost any frame, but you should steer clear from frames that take up more than half your face. This can overbalance your natural symmetry.

  • Round: To complement your round face, we suggest frames that are square or rectangular. The hard lines will enhance your face, making it appear slimmer and longer.

  • Heart: For heart-shaped faces, we suggest looking for frames that balance the width of your forehead and narrowness of your chin. Look for round or rounded rectangular frames to draw attention away from your forehead and add width to the narrower portion of your face.

  • Square: To balance out the angles of your face, we suggest oval or round eyeglasses. This shape will soften your look and offer a thinner appearance.

If you didn’t see your particular face shape, check out our comprehensive list for more assistance in choosing your glasses!

Skin Undertone

When looking for your perfect frame, you’ll need to decide on more than just shape! The best way to determine which color to select for your new frames is to first consider your skin tone.

For warmer complexions — yellows or golds — you’ll want to stay away from contrasting colors. Color no-noes include pastels, white, and black. Instead, opt for frames that compliment your skin, like browns, tortoise, and olive green.

On the cool front — pink or blue skin undertones — stay away from colors that will wash you out. Your complimentary colors include silver, black, purple, dark tortoise, and gray.

Now that you know the basics, let’s get started on selecting your perfect frames! Contact the experts at Complete Eye Care Downtown for more information or stop into our convenient location off of C Avenue or assistance.

We have a wide selection of quality frame brands like Nike, Oakley, Ray-ban Versace, Vogue, Coach and more! The higher quality your frame, the longer it typically lasts. So buy the best to fit your face, lifestyle and budget!