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Don’t Take Shortcuts with Your Vision: Online isn’t all that!

Teens Happy Glasses Jumping 1280x480Everyday life seems to be rushing by, and ordering from the internet may seem like the easiest thing to do. When it comes to your eye health though, don’t take any chances. Convenience does not trump quality. Let us tell you why ordering your frames in-store will benefit you more than purchasing them online.

Evaluating for Your Perfect Fit

You want your glasses to fit you (literally and figuratively). Ever wonder how your Optician gets your frames to fit you perfectly? It takes extremely precise measurements and a trained eye! If your glasses aren’t catered to your specific facial characteristics, your sight may be strained and the glasses can be uncomfortable. Our Optical Stylists are experts at assessing your facial features, such as the distance from your ear to your temple, the type of bridge you have, and your pupil distance. There is no need for your glasses to slip down your nose or hurt the back of your ears! A proper fit is essential for clear, comfortable vision.

Measuring for Your Precise Prescription

It’s called a prescription for a reason — your glasses are serving a medical purpose prescribed expressly for you! All of the necessary measurements to achieve crisp, clear vision should be taken in person. Even a tiny amount of deviation can result in poor vision, uncomfortable eye strain, and headaches.  Precision makes all the difference.

Finding Your Perfect Style

Your face is as unique as your fingerprint. You won’t find that perfect pair among the many online. There is a science and an art to finding flattering frames and a professional Optical Stylist knows what style will complement your features. What looks good online won’t necessarily look good on you. Glasses are one of those things that you always need to try on in person. Your glasses are a part of your identity. They are the first thing people will see when they look at your face. Hence, the importance in finding your perfect style!

Let our trained professionals at Complete Eye Care Downtown fit you with lenses and frames that are most suitable for your features and lifestyle.  Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your glasses. We want you to find that perfect pair of glasses – you deserve only the best!

Get the best - right across from the mall in Lawton at 409 C avenue. Dr. Howard Ross’ team in optical are some of the very best and can have you looking and feeling stylish in no-time. An added bonus: crystal clear vision!