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Eyeglasses Repair and Maintenance

hand screwdriver fixing eyeglassesAt Complete Eye Care Newcastle, we believe your glasses should last you more than just one season.

Bringing your glasses in to check screws, nose pads, and alignment are just a few of ways to keep your glasses looking new and you seeing well through them.

You are welcome to bring your frames in for a complimentary tune-up or minor repair for the life of the frames purchased here! Mindful care and proper cleaning can significantly extend the life of the frame and prescription lenses.

Even if you buy online, it is important to keep up with the maintenance of your prescription glasses, especially since most online retailers do not offer a warranty on your frames. It is best to have them adjusted and maintained frequently.

 At Complete Eye Care Newcastle, if you purchase your frames online, we will be happy to help you maintain your online frames and lenses at a small one-time fee. This means you can extend the life of your prescription eyeglasses for more than just a season! Unlimited repairs and adjustments: unlimited potential and style.

Visit our team at Complete Eye Care Newcastle to help you fix your perfect pair you’ve already fallen in love with. Our team also serves Tuttle, Mustang, Blanchard, and the general Tri City area.