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How to Find Your Face Shape, and the Perfect Glasses to Go With It

Woman Redhead Sunglasses 1280x480Your personal style says a lot about you. It’s your chance to express your individual look point of view. And it doesn’t have to stop with the clothes you wear. If you wear prescription glasses, you can take advantage of extra style points. You’ll want to make sure you get the best glasses (or sunglasses!) that flatter your specific face shape most. These seven face shapes are all uniquely beautiful and different, and each requires a certain style of glasses to provide the most flattering look and style. We’ll show you how to identify which face shape you have, and how to find the perfect eyewear to accompany it.


Angular Face Shapes

If you have a more angular face, you’ll want to keep a few thoughts in mind when choosing your glasses. Angular faces are beautiful and very dramatic, but pairing them with equally angled glasses can be too harsh and can make the lines of your face appear too intense. Softer-shaped glasses like ovals, circles, hearts, or butterfly shapes will balance out the angles on your face.

The most common angled faces are square, diamond, and triangle. Angelina Jolie has a square face for instance, with her jaw line showcasing the most angular dimensions of her face. A square jaw can be very stunning, but if paired with the wrong glasses, will make your chin look boxier than it really is. Round and oval shaped eye wear will soften your face’s sharper angles and bring all of your features together in perfect harmony.

Diamond shaped faces, or those with dramatic cheekbones and eyes close together, have a slightly different set of rules to follow. Since such great cheekbones like yours shouldn’t be hidden, you’ll want to show them off with your new set of specks. You can go with a rimless set to highlight them, or a cat eye shape to further enhance your face’s up-sweeping look. Pop legend Madonna is often seen rocking glasses with more embellishments on the top section of her glasses, which shows off her enviable cheek bones in a complimentary way. Much like Madonna, you’ll want to strike a balance between the angles and softness. Choosing a more rounded eye glass style will ensure this balance is met.

Another common angled face shape is a triangle, when the bottom of the face is more broad and gets narrower towards the top. You’ll want to accentuate your forehead area, and you can do so with frames that have a darker upper rim. You can also go for glasses with rounded shapes like cat eye or oval. The wildly talented Jake Gyllenhaal highlights his triangular-shaped face with glasses that concentrate the heaviness and detail at the top of his glasses. His eyewear game consists of balancing the width of the jaw with the narrowness of his forehead area. Most importantly, avoid glasses that aren’t exactly proportionate and you’ll be well on your way to accentuating all of the best parts of your face.

Soft Face Shapes

Not all of us can be gifted with such naturally dramatic angled faces, but fear not. With a little style help from some carefully chosen glasses, your face will be highlighted in all the right ways. Julia Roberts is best known for her classic smile, exuberant laugh, and her perfectly oval-shaped face. She sticks with similarly oval-shaped and rounded glasses, because these help keep her proportionate features balanced just right. She avoids oversized glasses at all costs, as they will drown out her lovely facial features.

Round faces are so full of joy, and those with them often cast the biggest and brightest smiles. Emma Stone is no exception to this, and her beaming smile is showcased through her square shaped eye wear choices. If you’re gifted with fuller cheeks and a softer jaw line like Emma, choose glasses with sharper angles and geometric shapes. These will give the appearance of a more angular, longer, and even slimmer face.

Oblong faces are another common face shape that may feel tough to highlight initially. The secret to playing up your oblong-shaped face? Length. It might sound counterintuitive, but choosing a longer lens will actually complement a longer, more oblong-shaped face. Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example. She has a classically oblong-shaped face, and she wears only larger and longer shaped glasses, to accentuate her stunning and unique face shape. Steer clear of any short or small glasses, as these will only add additional length to your face.

And we can’t forget about those with faces of love, well heart-shaped that is! Reese Witherspoon is known for her classic heart-shaped face, with a larger forehead area and smaller chin space. This doesn’t stop her from playing up all the high points of her beautiful face. She tends to wear glasses with lower-set temples, to draw attention away from the forehead. This can also be achieved with glasses that are more bottom-heavy. If you have a heart-shaped face, avoid any style that has too much going on near the top of the eye line.

All faces are beautiful and unique in their own way. Some face shapes may look more challenging to highlight initially, but with a few informed decisions, you can show off all of your favorite facial features, and downplay the rest. By first understanding what kind of face shape you have, you’ll be able to narrow down your hunt for the ideal set of glasses with ease. Who knows, the perfect eyeglass match may have been right in front of you all along!

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