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Do you have trouble wearing regular contacts? Do you suffer from a specialized eye condition that prevents you from wearing contact lenses, though you long to do so? Complete Eye Care has locations in Lawton and Newcastle, OK, and we may be able to help. We offer a specialized type of scleral contact lens that's uniquely designed to work for those who find regular contacts too painful or too inefficient. Here's what you need to know.


Scleral contact lenses are designed to fit over the corneas and rest on the scleras, or white parts, of your eyes. The sclera is a tough, protective covering that sits beneath the conjunctiva. The sclera helps protect your eye, while the conjunctiva lubricates it.

For various reasons, some people can't tolerate regular contacts that rest on the cornea. This may be due to a corneal irregularity, diseases such as general papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), or other conditions. At one time, this segment of the population could only wear glasses. Today, however, sclerals make it possible for most people who want contacts to wear them. Our Complete Eye Care optometrist can help you decide whether scleral contact lenses are right for you.


Scleral lenses rest on the scleras, not the corneas, of the eyes. They're gas-permeable lenses that are fluid-filled to comfortably conform to certain irregularities of the cornea. This helps to correct vision problems that regular contacts cannot. They may be a good option for anyone who suffers from conditions such as:

  • Chronic dry eye
  • Corneal scarring
  • Post-surgical issues
  • Keratoconus
  • GPC

If you think scleral contact lenses may solve your contact lens problems, visit Complete Eye Care today.

Your Choice for Eyecare in Lawton and Newcastle, OK

One of our experienced optometrists at Complete Eye Care is waiting to assist you. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment through our website. Sclera contact lenses open up a new possibility to patients who weren’t able to contact lenses before, contact us today to see if they are right for you.