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Tips for Parents: When Your Child Needs Their First Pair of Glasses

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If you have been told your child needs glasses, you may have a few concerns. Will they feel comfortable in them? Will this help them see the board in school? Will they actually wear the glasses? (The last question is often the biggest concern.)

Glasses can take some getting used to. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to help your child feel comfortable and confident in their new specs. You don’t need to go through the ‘new glasses phase’ alone — the experts at Complete Eye Care have a few tips and tricks to help.


Our biggest piece of advice is to let your child decide which frame they like best. When they select their favorite frame, they start to feel a sense of ownership and pride in their choice.


Have your optician help you select a frame that is the correct size for your little one. Then, when the glasses arrive, be sure to have them adjusted for a better fit. An improper fitting could not only make the glasses uncomfortable but also impair your child from looking through the optical center of the lens. To help, the optician will adjust the temple arm tips or nose pieces to keep the glasses snug and in place.


Most children aren’t resistant to wearing glasses. In fact, some children claim to have blurry vision because they are envious of the kids who wear them at school. If your child happens to be on the opposing team, stay firm in your pro-glasses stance. Remind them of a few celebrities that sport spectacles, and pile on the praise of how great they look wearing their new frames.

If they’re still hesitant, make sure they understand that wearing their new glasses is non-negotiable, similar to wearing their seat belt and holding your hand while walking through a parking lot. Children younger than five can suffer from permanent vision consequences without their lenses.


For some kids, wearing glasses all day will take a little time. Start by setting short-term goals and working your way up to wearing them consistently throughout the day. For instance, some parents begin by expecting their children to wear their glasses for an hour a day and increasing the time per day slowly. Always offer positive encouragement and consider incorporating rewards for continuous wear.


While some children quickly adapt to their new glasses, a transition period with a few uncomfortable side effects may be expected. Remember, these symptoms are normal and aren’t cause for alarm. However, if you are concerned, contact your eye doctor for guidance. Some common reactions include:

  • Eye Strain

  • Blurry Vision

  • Mild Headaches

  • Depth-Perception Issues

If your child is still having difficulty wearing their glasses or they’re experiencing side effects for more than a month of continuous wear, call your eye doctor at Complete Eye Care Newcastle. We have experience in helping parents and children become acclimated to new glasses. We can offer some helpful tips for a smoother transition.

Find us at 918 32nd Street in Newcastle, Oklahoma. You can also call 405-387-4884 to talk to our expert administrative team who will help guide you or schedule an appointment to consult with your doctor!